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Summer Fun Park Fiss

An unforgettable family adventure at the Möseralm in Fiss

Three, two, one – “Skyswing“. Enjoy a free fall feeling and a taste of weightlessness in this giant swing.  Hold on tight – the “Fisser Flieger“, a kind of hang-glider with maximum speed of 80 km/h takes you floating across the alpine meadows of the “Möseralm”. Adventure and fun is guaranteed if you jump from one of the diving platforms (7 metres, 10 metres and 13 metres) into a giant air cushion – somersaults and tricks of every stripe are allowed. Experience high-speed and pure adrenalin in the breathtaking “Fisser Flitzer“ – 45 km/h and more can be reached on the 2,2 km summer toboggan run with maximum gradient of 19%.  Discover the adventure zones like the “Indian Village“, the “Ice Cave“ or the “corsair“ while going back to the valley with your family. If you prefer hiking back you will be inspired from the “Witch's Trail“. In the evenings impressive adventure-nights under a starry sky with first-class entertainment are waiting for you at the “Möseralm”.

The “Fisser Flieger” and the “Skyswing” are also open for you in winter. 

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Your activities and attractions in the Summer Fun Park Fiss:

  • Fisser Flitzer
  • Fisser Flieger
  • Skyswing
  • Tubing run 
  • Jumping Tower with giant air cushion
  • Witch’s Trail 
  • Bertas bouncing castle
  • Summer Snow World
  • Nature Trail Fisser Gonde
  • Huge sandy play ground
  • Water games
  • and even more

You can find further information about the Summer Fun Park Fiss here: